About the project

"Discovering yourself and building the future together by investing in the key competences of learners from Kętrzyn"

By implementing the project „Discovering yourself and jointly building the future by investing in the key competences of learners from Kętrzyn" for the first time, the school benefited from the support for foreign mobility of high school learners. The mobility was organized jointly with the host institution, the Mpakogianni School based in Larissa, Greece.

20 learners and 4 teachers of our school and 20 learners and 2 teachers from Greece participated in the mobility. Maintaining the appropriate proportions allowed for the effective implementation of the assumed project objectives. We managed to develop the appropriate quality of the implemented activities and designed products. The subject of the project was tailored to the interests of learners from both schools.

This subject of the project and the form of classes were extremely attractive for learners and at the same time useful in further education and professional work. During their stay, the learners jointly created content that was later posted on the website. Creating descriptions, offers, marketing strategies of selected professions: active tourism and healthy food.

Classes were conducted in smaller international groups, focused on practical learning and individual cooperation of learners, and allowing for the introduction of elements of competition, which additionally improved the quality of the results. Each group was assigned a mentor / tutor who supported the implementation of activities, planning, communication and emerging problems. Cooperation in international groups and focusing on the subject of the project significantly influenced the attitudes of learners, creating leaders, and language skills.

At the end of the mobility, the learners presented the effects of their work, there was a joint evaluation of the work carried out and the content was selected for the final page.

The aim of the project, which was also implemented, was to strengthen organizational skills, the level of teaching and the attractiveness of the education program of the participating institutions, and to increase the competences of the teaching and administrative staff involved in the implementation of activities.

The Project Team was responsible for the quality of activities, which as part of the project developed effective tools supporting the process of task planning, distribution, implementation monitoring, risk management and communication.

We conducted a multi-stage evaluation of activities, ensuring a high level of implementation and durability of results.

We also disseminated activities by participants, the School and the Partner, which increased the impact of the project on the local and European environment.

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